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Philosophies & Policies Handbook

We would like to take a moment to welcome you and thank you for choosing Sandcastle Learning Center for your child’s academic needs.  Please take the time to read through our handbook and become a part of our family.  We look forward to working with you and your child for many years to come.

Philosophy & Objectives

Sandcastle Learning Center has been dedicated to providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment in which a child’s individual development will be enriched emotionally, socially, physically, intellectually and creatively since 1989.  Our loving and caring staff look forward to sharing this experience with you and your child.  The purpose of Sandcastle Learning Center is to meet the needs of the children enrolled in our center while simultaneously allowing parents to work and continue their daily schedules.  The philosophy of Sandcastle Learning Center is that children learn best while actively exploring their environment and natural surroundings.  Our staff will strive to create an environment which is nurturing, stimulating and designed to encourage active participation which will aid in the learning process.   Each class follows a regular daily schedule in which to incorporate this learning.  Also, we have incorporated High Reach and the Active Learning Series curriculums to better enhance our learning program.  Classes are set up according to academic level with special attention given to the needs of each child.  Certain special activities may include varied age groups. 


For the safety of the children enrolled, Sandcastle Learning Center is a locked facility.
Upon enrollment, you will receive two key cards.  Each family can request up to five cards total per family.  The cost for extra cards or to replace a lost card is $5.00 each.
Each person is required to swipe their own card before entering the doors.  PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO ENTER WITH OUT HAVING A CARD AS THIS WILL DEFEAT THE PURPOSE OF THIS SECURITY SYSTEM.  When your child leaves the center at the end of their enrollment, you will be asked to return your key cards to the director/owner.  


Sandcastle Learning Center does not discriminate based on sex, race, religion, ethnic group or national origin. 

Children shall be enrolled on a first come, first served basis.   Please remember that classes are set up according to age group and academic level.  Therefore, even if we are not at full capacity there might not be space available in the class your child will need.  We will not enroll your child in a class with younger or older children unless we feel he or she can handle the academic work involved with that class.  

Steps to Enroll

If a space is not immediately available, you may place your child’s name on our waiting list.  If a space is available and you choose to enroll your child you will be given enrollment forms to be completed prior to your child’s first day.  A non-refundable registration fee of $75.00 for one child or $100.00 for a family will also be due at this time.  The registration fee can reserve your child’s space for up to 2 weeks.  
You will be given 15 days from your child’s first day of attendance to provide us with a Florida Department of Health Physical Form and a Florida Department of Health Immunization Record.  If we do not have these forms at the end of 15 days, your child will not be allowed to return to class until these forms are completed.  This is for your child’s health benefits as well as others.  


A yearly supply fee is due in the month of August for every child age 1 thru 12 years.  This fee is used to purchase classroom supplies that will be used by your child on a daily basis.  This fee is $60 per child or pro-rated at the time of enrollment.

If your child is enrolled in our Infant Program, a supply of fee of $5.00 will be due at the time of enrollment for the purchase of 30 permanent, washable labels for your child’s bottles/sippy cups and caps.

Parents of children that are not yet toilet trained will be required to supply for their child diapers or pull-ups as needed and a triple pack of wipes at the beginning of each month.   

Attendance and Tuition

Attendance is based on a full time week, however, we do have a part time tuition rate for those full time students who may not be feeling well or are on vacation. Should the student be here one or two days, this is considered a part time week.  Should your child be here three or more days, this is considered a full time week and you will be charged accordingly.  Each child will be given three full, Monday through Friday weeks of vacation time per calendar year.  If your child is out for more than the allowed three weeks you will need to pay the full tuition rate for any other weeks in order to hold your child’s space in a class.  Should your child be out for an entire week due to illness we do not charge you for that week if we have a note from the doctor removing the child from the center for a specific amount of time.  When public school is not in session and your school age child will be attending Sandcastle Learning Center on a full time basis appropriate tuition will be charged.  School pickup and delivery will be based on a full week or on a daily basis.  See the director to establish which program best meets your needs.

If your child is enrolled in our After-School Program, we will assume your child needs to be picked up daily.  If your child does not need to be picked up by Sandcastle Learning Center buses, a parent/guardian must call the center no later than 1:15pm to inform us of the circumstance for that day.  If your child will need to be dropped off at school in the morning, they must arrive at the center no later than 7:00am.  Please note: All school age children must be clocked in each morning prior to being transported.

Your child must be clocked in and out daily.  Please remember: adults only on the computer.   Attendance will also be taken in each classroom.  Tuition is charged on a weekly basis and due on each Monday.  If tuition is not paid by Wednesday at 6:00p.m. there will be a $15.00 late fee applied to your account on Thursday morning.   If the balance is not paid by Friday at 6:00p.m. there will be an additional $15.00 late fee applied and the child may not return school on Monday until the balance is paid in full.  

There is a $40.00 fee for any returned check.  

If any of the above become a reoccurrence, your child may lose their position here at the center even after full payment has been received.  

If an outstanding balance should remain on your account upon enrollment termination, a collection fee of $150 plus any other weekly late fees we feel necessary will be added to your balance.  

We request that you provide us with a two week notice if you should decide to terminate your child’s enrollment here at Sandcastle Learning Center.  

Pick Up Policy

Parents and guardians must notify Sandcastle Learning Center of any one authorized to pick up their children.  There is a section on the enrollment papers for you to list this information.  Under NO circumstances will someone who is not on your child’s emergency list be allowed to pick up your child without the proper notification.  If the parent or guardian is unable to pick up their child, a person on the emergency list will be able to do so with proper notification and/or identification.

A late fee will be charged per child when a child remains at the center after the closing time of 6:00 pm.  This charge is $10 for any period within the first five minutes and an additional $2 for every minute thereafter per child.  The late fee charge will be added and billed to the following weeks tuition.  If you are running late due to an emergency, please inform the center as soon as possible.  If we are not notified within 15 minutes after the center closes, the proper authorities will be notified.  *Note: the late fee during special events and holidays will be $5 for every minute after 6:00pm, per child.

Open Door

Sandcastle Learning Center has an open door policy.  Parents and authorized visitors are welcome to visit the facility any time during normal business hours.

Birthdays & Holidays

Please feel free to bring in a treat on your child’s birthday.  Birthdays are celebrated at lunch or snack time.  You are welcome to join us!  Check with your child’s teacher for the best time.  Treats do not have to be elaborate or home-made.

We celebrate major holidays (& some not so major ones!).  Before sending cards, gifts or costumes, please check with your child’s teacher about specific plans for your child’s class.  

The center will be closed on major holidays.  Please watch the monthly newsletters for closure dates.

Daily Schedule

It is important for a child to feel comfortable with a daily schedule.  A familiar routine enables children to feel at ease with their new expanding world.  

On occasion this routine may be altered with special activities, such as field trips or holiday celebrations.  

Schedules will be posted in your child’s classroom and parents will be advised of special activities in advance.  

Field Trips and Transportation

Field trips are important in our program.  Groups of children, particularly the school age children, visit many exciting places throughout the year.  Permission slips must be signed and returned in order for a child to be permitted to attend any scheduled field trips.     

Seat belts will be worn at all times while traveling.  If your child does not follow the rules we have for riding the buses and during the field trips, the next field trip will be taken away.  If this does not stop the behavior, all field trips for this child will be cancelled.  Note to school age parents: Sandcastle Learning Center takes bus safety very seriously.  If a child continually does not follow the bus rules (wearing seatbelts, maintaining a quiet voice, etc.), you will be asked to find alternate transportation for your child to and from school.  

Toys from Home

Special toys can be very comforting for children when they're away from home. These toys are special and are not always shared, so we suggest that they be put into the child's cubby upon arrival. We will get them through out the day as they are needed. Teachers will not be responsible for these toys therefore, if your child is willing to leave these toys in the car for the ride home that is the best bet. Nap items, such as stuffed animals or dolls, can be kept in the cubby, also. Please make sure your child's name is clearly labeled on any items left at the center.

Clothing & Bedding

Each child will be assigned his/her own personal cubby.  These cubbies will be changed when your child moves to another class.

Please have an additional set of seasonal clothes (including extra underwear, socks, etc.) in your child’s cubby at all times in case of any type of accidents.  We ask that you enclose your child’s change of clothes in a small backpack or a Ziploc baggie and please label all the clothing with your child’s name.  We cannot be responsible for lost articles of clothing that are not labeled. 

We require that all children wear shoes while at the center.  Sandals, flip flops, etc. are not recommended.  A closed toe sneaker is the best form of footwear for active play while at the center.  Any child wearing sandals, flip flops, etc. will not be able to actively play on the playground safely, therefore, they will not be permitted to do so. 

Our daily curriculum includes lots of fun but messy activities, so please do not send your child in with his/her best clothes on.

Each child will be given their own mat to sleep on while attending Sandcastle Learning Center. Each child is required to bring a crib sheet (it fits perfect over the mats) and a small blanket for nap time.  In additional they may also bring a small, clean pillow (able to fit within the cubby).  These should be removed from your child’s cubby every Friday to be washed and returned to the center clean on Mondays. 
Toys from Home

Special toys can be very comforting for children when they are away from home.  These toys are special and are not always shared, so we suggest that they be put into the child’s cubby upon arrival.  We will get them throughout the day as they are needed.  Teachers will not be responsible for these toys.  Therefore, if your child is willing to leave these toys in the car for the ride home, that is best.  Nap items, such as stuffed animals or dolls, can be kept in the cubby, also.  Please make sure your child’s name is clearly labeled on any items left at the center. 

Infant & Toddler Programs

The infant and toddler programs are designed to meet the individual needs of each child.  Children will be worked with in a one on one setting as well as in groups.  Non-breakable bottles with caps for each are required for all infants.   

We ask that you provide extra formula, clothes, crib sheets, etc. for the infants.  A full supply list will be given to you at the time of enrollment.

Please let our staff know when you are ready to begin weaning your child from the bottle and/or pacifier or begin the toilet training process so that we can all work together.  

Daily Meals

Breakfast will be served from 6:30am until 7:45am at a charge of $.75 per meal.  You may pay daily or weekly.  Juice and milk will be offered with breakfast.  The breakfast menu is on a weekly rotation and is posted in the kitchen area.  

Snack is served at 9:00am and 2:00pm.  The snack menu is also posted ahead of time for you to see.  All snacks are served with either juice or water.

At Sandcastle Learning Center, nutritional lunches including a main course, vegetable and fruit are served at 11:00am with no extra charge to you.  Vitamin D milk is served with lunches.  A lunch menu is posted ahead of time and also sent home in the monthly newsletter.  We will have a variety of foods which will interest your child and expand his/her knowledge of food and the food groups.  The lunch menu is on a bi-monthly rotation and is in conformance with federal nutrition requirements.  

Health & Medications

All children are required to have a complete physical examination every two years and remain current with immunizations. 

Children must be removed from the center within 1 hour from the time you are notified if your child has any of the following symptoms:

  • Temperature of 101.0 and up
  • 2 Diarrhea’s
  • Vomiting

Discharge in the eyes
Excessive green/yellow drainage from nose
Unknown rash
Head lice
Or any other illness/symptoms we feel could be contagious

Parents need to have alternative care available for their children when they are sick.  Children who have been sick may return when they are feeling better and are no longer contagious.  Please understand these policies are for your benefit as well as others.

Listed below are some of the time periods that you must wait before sending your child back to the center.  Please note: children can return when there are no symptoms without the administering of medications other than antibiotics.

Temperature of 101.0 & up 

24 hours without a fever


24 hours with no diarrhea/vomiting

Colds & Ear Infections

24 hours after fever is gone

Strep Throat  

24 hours after medication is started

Conjunctivitis (pink eye)

24 hours after medication is started & eyes are clear of discharge

Chicken Pox   

When sores have healed, no draining


24 hours after medication is started  & all sores have healed, no draining

Head Lice

After treatment has been applied & all eggs/nits are removed

All medication to be administered at the center must come in the original container and must be accompanied by the doctor’s prescription.  Medication will not be administered without a prescription.  Medications will be given at 9:00am and 2:30pm only.  You must fill out and sign the ‘Medication Authorization Form’ allowing us to administer any medication to your child.     


Sandcastle Learning Center staff will redirect children from inappropriate behavior (yelling, hitting, not listening, etc.).  If necessary, a child will be taken aside and spoken to about their behavior or placed in “time out” away from the group to think about it for as many minutes as their age or sooner if the teacher feels a child is ready to return to the classroom activity.  We will not tolerate a child who continuously disrupts, hits, bites or tries to harm other children and/or staff in any way.  If disruptive behavior continues beyond the trials of their teacher, they will be brought to the office to discuss it and may or may not be allowed to return to class.  If this is a continuous problem, or due to the director’s discretion, parents will be notified and suspension may be a result. The amount of suspension depends on the severity of behavior.  Also, depending upon the severity of behavior, a child may be suspended one to three times before being asked to find other care. 

*We prohibit any child from being subjected to discipline which is severe, humiliating, frightening, or associated with food, rest, or toileting.  Spanking or any other form of physical punishment is prohibited.


In the event of dangerous weather conditions, Sandcastle Learning Center reserves the right to close the facility to ensure the safety of the children and staff.  We will do our very best to keep everyone informed of these closures, should the need arise, with notes posted on the front door.  As a general policy if the Volusia County Schools closed due to inclement weather, Sandcastle will also close.  This information is available on line and on local news channels.  Each storm/situation will be different & we thank you in advance for your cooperation with this.


All staff agree to protect the privacy of child and family information at all times.


Sandcastle Learning Center reserves the right to terminate a child’s enrollment at any time for any reason deemed appropriate by the directors and/or owners.

Thank you for taking the time to read this handbook.  We hope that it has answered your questions and put to rest any concerns you have had.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions or concerns.  Again, all of us at Sandcastle Learning Center look forward to working with you and your child.

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